Little Star UKG program is a comprehensive, focused and skill-based program. Specific activities are tailored towards the individual child’s skill sets. Working in a group, sharing ideas, listening, interacting with peers and teachers form the basis of the curriculum. Continuous development of language skills and learning makes this program the perfect way to groom the little one for his/her big debut into full-time formal schooling.

Key Area Covered

  • Reading and writing
  • Optimizing language skills
  • Grasping complex language skills
  • Understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Cognitive development
  • Scientific literacy and focus on creative arts
  • Learning with art, music and play
  • Encouraging sports and extra-curricular activities
  • Building team management skills

Activities Involved

  • Science and Social Sciences
  • Art, music and play
  • Drama, puppet shows and skits
  • Dance and body movement
  • Festivals and special day celebrations
  • Field trips to the zoo, vegetable market, planetarium etc.
  • Public speaking
  • Free play with technology tools